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Return Policy

Return is a scheme given directly by each seller under this policy, in which the respective sellers offer you the choice of exchange, replacement, and/or reimbursement. It’s possible that not all products in a certain category have the same return policy. The product page’s return/replacement policy takes precedence over the general returns policy for all products. For any exceptions to this return policy, please see the product page’s corresponding return/replacement policy and the table below.

The return policy is broken down into three pieces; make sure to read all of them carefully to understand the rules and circumstances under which returns will be accepted.

Part 1: Possible Actions, Return Window, and Categories

Category: Perishable Items (Like Most of the Fruits, Few Vegetable Items etc)

  • Perishable items of any kind can be returned while the order is in transit delivery.
  • The post-delivery system will not allow you to return perishable items.
  • Customer must contact Customer Care after delivery, and depending on the state of the item, a call will be made for a replacement and a full, partial, or no refund for the product.

Category: Non-Perishable Items

  • Non-perishable items can be returned at any time during delivery.
  • Once the item has been accepted for delivery, it can be returned within one day.
  • Amount will be repaid within 7 days for returned items.
Part 2 - Returns Pick-Up and Processing

Your product will be inspected and no missing or damaged should be done. You should return the product only with a valid justification. If a refund is to be issued for any products, the refund will be executed once the seller has received the returned product.

Part 3 - General Guidelines:
  1. The return policy is subject to change at any time.
  2. Non-perishable items will not be replaced; they can only be returned within a certain time frame.
  3. If you receive a different or broken product during open box deliveries while accepting your order, you will be granted a refund. Except for manufacturing flaws, no returns will be accepted once you have accepted an open box delivery.
Refund Policy

After the return/cancellation is accepted, the refund will be given within 7 days.

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